Today I sent out my first “broadcast email” (as it’s called when you have an online mailing list service). Now I’ll break the ice to compose my first official blog posting. Since the spring of this year Janet Goldstein Enterprises’ newsletter mailing list has grown to almost 300 strong. We’re a group of entrepreneurs, new and veteran coaches, nonprofit leaders, published and about-to-be-published authors (major houses and independently), fiction writers, and experts and thought leaders who are launching their ideas, services, and products. We also include a smattering of publishing professionals, including literary agents, book doctors, editors, and journalists. This book-world universe will expand as my outreach continues. (It’s my home base, after all!) So, with a promise that thought-provoking ideas, resources, inspiration, and strategy tips will be part of the mix, here we go with the blog. I welcome comments, ideas for postings and feedback, and look forward to the exchange of ideas and wider communication that a blog can provide.