Real-World Execution, Coaching, and Accountability

Ambitious goals and projects take real-world, hands-on support, expertise, and services to bring them to fruition. We can provide direction, resources, and support to ensure your progress, momentum, and ultimate success, especially for ongoing clients.

Publishing & Platform Advising can include: 

  • Publishing strategy and roadmaps–deadlines, budgets, referrals, services
  • Platform strategy–for experienced and aspiring authors in all genres to develop doable approaches to enhance visibility, credibility, community, email and social media presence, and supporters.
  • Agent, publisher, and publishing platforms–guidance and recommendations.
  • Thought leadership strategiesto leverage books, ideas, and messages.
  • Relationship-building–using your work as a touchstone to build connections, partners, supporters for you and your work.
  • Speaking advisement–guidance on speaking topics, focus areas, outreach, and agencies.
  • Launch strategies–high-level guidance to envision the right launch strategy and to source marketing and public relations specialists, website development, and other services.
  • Accountability, project management, and execution plans–ongoing support to meet deadlines, craft a final project, receive feedback, and to oversee production and launch steps, art direction, pricing, and format decisions–often with trusted partners.

Specialized services also include:

  • Query letter advising–editing and strategies to pitch and connect with agents and editors.
  • Endorsement strategy and execution–outreach, crafting, and executing “blurbs” for book covers and marketing.
  • Contract reviews and negotiation advisement–for small and midsize publishing offers and agreements.
  • Titling/subtitle projects–as stand-alone projects and part of larger engagements.

Selected literary agent representation–by invitation and referral:

Janet currently represents a small number of authors with strong concepts and platforms. Clients include: Howard Behar, Susan Scott, Mary J. Lore, Shama Hyder, Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D.

To inquire about Literary Representation: Please email Janet with a strong query letter that introduces the hook, the concept, and why you are the right person at the right time to write and publish it.

Janet kept a firm but gentle hand on the tiller. Few know how to lead so surely, and with such a light touch. Janet championed and shaped Fierce Conversations from beginning to end, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Susan Scott

author of "Fierce Conversations" and "Fierce Leadership"

Janet Goldstein has been the key person guiding me through the editorial process as well as creating the publishing vision for my book. Her mastery and experience allowed me to achieve this important milestone.

Iwan Dietschi

General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton (Shenzhen), and author of "Mastering Hospitality"

Janet’s insight, direction, and caring, was exactly what I needed. What began as a single session–which brilliantly transformed the trajectory of the manuscript–evolved into a sprint to publication. I’ve worked with some of the best minds, and I am still trying to get my chin off of the floor where it had dropped.

Jim Lord

founder of the Philanthropic Quest strategic retreat and author of "Bounce Back Higher"

Janet Goldstein is a tremendous partner in any publishing enterprise. Not only is she 100% present in the work, but she is generous, exacting, and full of great ideas. She does not let up until the positioning and content is absolutely on point. BrightDot engaged Janet and her team in May for strategic, thought leader, and book concept consulting and with her heart and hands-on guidance Start with Heart was ready for printing four months later, in time for a major event. We couldn’t be happier with her work.

Bill Crouch, Wanda Urbanska, & the Bright Dot team

As my agent and quarterback, Janet’s opinions, feedback, handholding, and guidance are so appreciated. Thank you.

Paul Frank

renowned cosmetic dermatologist and author of "The Pro-Aging Playbook"

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