Shama Kabani is a rock star of social media and young entrepreneurship (and also, happily, my client). A “digital native,” she first published The Zen of Social Media Marketing as a PDF ebook on her website and found a receptive audience of readers, business groups asking her to speak, and clients. A year ago, we made the decision to reach out to traditional publishers for a book deal and made a great match with boutique publisher BenBella Books in Shama’s hometown of Dallas. I caught up with Shama on a break at BookExpo America 2010 to talk about her experience with the transition to a traditional publisher.

NOTE: If you’re looking for one book to tell you about the “why” AND the “how” of social media, the ZSMM is a great read and guide. It’s even being used as a textbook in universities, and it’s a featured title for the month of July at Barnes & Noble.

AND: Shama’s successful transition from digital to traditional is one of the many things we covered at BBNYC (