Getting Lovingly Bossy

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BossygirlimageThis will be short and sweet, to go with the title. You are the boss of your book.

You can take a crisp, firm, clear, confident, no-nonsense approach to your work, even for a day or a week.

Especially if you’re lost. Especially if you’re floundering or stuck. You can be the boss. You ARE the boss.

If you are writing fiction, you write the characters. They can try to boss you around, but you are in charge and can whip your plot, themes, mood, and the meaning of your work into submission.

If you knew what the answer was to make your work better or to get the flow going again, what would you do? Act “as if” you knew and write accordingly.


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Chalk Board Speech Bubbles

Thought Leaders Need Thought Partners… and Other Insights on Conversations That Matter

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Small business whisperer Charlie Gilkey of—whom I am lucky to count as a friend, client, and colleague—has been hosting a month-long Core Conversations blog series on the theme of “Great Connections Lead to Great Ideas.” Given how important conversations and trusted readers are to the life of writers and thought leaders, I highly recommend… Read More>>

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End Malaria Logo by Michael Bungay Stanier

Doing Good *and* Doing Your Great Work (Book)

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It isn’t very often that a book has the power to save a life. Yes, good books can improve lives, shape lives, even change lives. But when was the last time a book literally helped save a life? My friend and colleague Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book will not only introduce you to fabulous ideas, tools,… Read More>>

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