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Thank you for signing up for the Publishing Reset Sneak Peek. There are three files to get you started. (If you need help downloading the files, check the bottom of this page for tips.)

Starter Guide: "An Introduction to the 4 Publishing Pathways and Other Key Big Ideas"

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Worksheet: "7 Action Steps to Create Your Book Breakthrough"

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Teleclass: "What’s the Right Time and the Wrong Time to Publish?" (@50 minute teleclass for Publishing Reset)

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A few points to listen for in the teleclass:

1. Do books still matter? (Yes, is the answer), and how to use that answer to help you develop your idea into a "Killer Idea" that speaks to a strong market.
2. Are you ready to OWN your idea–are you committed to digging deep and investing the time?
3. What "platform" is, and why it’s so important whether you go the indie route or the major publisher route
4. What major publishers are looking for? ("Good is not good enough"; publishers are there to amplify your project and audience, but not to build your business)
5. The importance of blogging, and other experiences, to build your community–BEFORE you launch your book (or to get if off the ground if you have a book already)
6. Why grounding your publishing plans in the truth is empowering and leads to the success you seek.

If you find the information in this Sneak Peek useful, you’ll love the Publishing Reset program–it’s chock full of insights, advice, and action-ready steps that will help you get ready to publish.


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