Video Tips: Janet’s Publishing Tips

As a publishing and strategy consultant, I often hear the same questions from people looking to get their books published. Here is a collection of my responses to these questions, based on my more than 25 years of experience within the publishing industry.

Book Titles

People always ask how to come up with a good book title, but what makes a book title “good”? In this video, I share some suggestions for picking the best title for your book.


Getting a Literary Agent

A good literary agent can be the key to getting your book published–but sometimes getting the right agent can be even harder than getting published! In this video I discuss how to take the right approach and build the necessary relationships to reach the “sweet sport” that will help you get a great agent.


From Self-Publishing to Mainstream Publishing

Many of the authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders I work with want to know if self-publishing their books will hurt their chances of being picked up by a traditional publisher. Here is some advice on how to make self-publishing work for you.


Mary Ann Naples on Additional Streams of Income for Authors

Former Literary Agent Mary Ann Naples talks about Open Sky and additional streams of income for authors at BookExpo America 2010 in New York City.


Shama on Ebooks vs Traditional Publishing

Shama Hyder Kabani, author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing on Ebooks vs Traditional Publishing at BookExpo America 2010.


Nathan Branford: A Literary Agent on Pitching

Recorded on February 21, 2010 at San Miguel Writers Workshop, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Kristin Nelson: 2 Quick Tips on Writing Query Letters

Literary Agent Kristin Nelson gives 2 “quick and dirty” tips on writing query letters.


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