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Janet's passion has been to discover, develop, and market authors, books, and ideas that can make a difference to the widest possible audience in such fields as business, psychology, women's issues, parenting, education, health, social issues, spirituality, and fiction. She is a publishing and strategy consultant who works with authors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and nonprofits at all stages to take their ideas, platforms and brands to the next level.

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Kristin Nelson: 2 Quick Tips on Writing Query Letters

Posted: April 6, 2011 | By: | 3 Comments

While in Mexico for the 2011 San Miguel Writers’ Conference I got to spend time with the wonderful literary agent Kristin Nelson. I grabbed her for a few minutes to share her clear and refreshing advice about the all-important Query Letter, especially for fiction. Her blog is one of the best. Check out the revealing comments about her tips here.

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Showing Up--Merging the "Inside" + "Outside" of Creative Work

Showing Up–Merging the “Inside” + “Outside” of Creative Work

Posted: April 5, 2011 | By: | 0 Comments

It struck me that there’s truth in the idea that writers are introverted, shy, private, clearly not the sales-y marketing types we seem to expect writers to be in today’s world of everyone-for-her/himself. But I wonder…. Is this really “how it is,” or is it partially true but also partially a myth? Is the introvert a personality trait as well as a persona? An explanation that one can fall back on.

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Breaking Through to Thought Leadership | Get hold of YOUR best thoughts, it’s worth the effort (PG-13) : Andrea J. Lee’s Blog

Posted: January 27, 2011 | By: | 0 Comments

What if you could reliably have access to the best thoughts you have inside you, that maybe you don’t even know you’re capable of yet?  You know, the most inventive and most valuable to your market, the ones that make everyone around you go ‘Ooooh, how did you come up with that??’ via

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