A key resource…

“Janet’s contributions to my work have been invaluable. Her guidance both expanded my thinking and grounded it in practical implementation. She helped me express, package, and position my work for the greatest possible success. She will remain a key resource on my virtual team.”

—David Allen, author of Getting Things Done (over 1 million copies sold)


“Janet discovered, named and published The Dance of Anger. Without her it never would have happened.”

—Harriet Lerner, on publication of the 20th anniversary edition of The Dance of Anger (over 2.5 million copies sold)

Skilled and patient…

“With passion and heart, Janet took my thoughts and ideas and was somehow able to get them down on these pages. Through her skill, patience, and incredible coaching and perseverance, this project got done.”

—Howard Behar, former president Starbucks and author of It’s Not About the Coffee (coauthor with Janet Goldstein)

Truly adds value as a partner…

“When I had just scribbles and scraps putting my first book together, Personalized Learning Playbook, Janet was key in working with me to crystallize the key ideas I wanted to share and the audience I most wanted to reach, shaping the concept into a readable, accessible, and inspiring whole. She took a deep interest in maintaining my voice in the book and embraced the subject matter to truly add value as a partner. On a tight deadline, Janet was on point with feedback, kept us on schedule, and ensured that I was 100% happy with the end product.”

—Anthony Kim, Founder and CEO of Education Elements

Grad school for the serious author…

“Working with Janet was like ‘grad school’ for a serious author; a true ‘insider look’ from someone who’s bought and sold many properties. Janet was an advocate for the best possible long-term view for me and that was invaluable. And enjoyable too!”

—Andrea J. Lee, founder of The Wealthy Thought Leader and author of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income and Money, Meaning and Beyond

Cuts right to the chase…

“I didn’t realize I was looking for approval of the idea I had rather than actually getting real vetting. You listened heartfully and politely to what I was saying and then you just do what you do so incredibly well-you cut right to the chase. That re-direct saved me at least 18 months to 2 years. You dropped me right into where the story really was.
As soon as I did that I let go of what I thought my business was, what I thought my book was, and really listened to what the book wanted to be. This past year’s journey has been amazing.”

—Lissa Boles, Master Coach, “The Soul Mapper” and co-founder of

Right about everything…

“The impact of my work with Janet unfolded over a number of months of thinking and action, but ultimately I discovered Janet was right about everything (which is not easy for me to say) and I followed nearly all her recommendations. She gave me a crash publishing tutorial and astute high-level advice in the scope I needed.”

—Michael Bungay Stanier, founder of Box of Crayons and author of Get Going & Get Unstuck and Do More Great Work

Hire Janet… She has perspective, compassion, and style

“If you know you have a book in you but don’t know how to get it out, you need to talk to Janet sooner rather than later. She can help guide you from the initial stages of the idea all the way to *after* the book gets on a shelf. She knows the book business, past and present, and also has the perspective, compassion, and style to make sure your book actually gets written. If you’re serious about getting your book written, sold, and read by your buyers, hire Janet. She’ll help you get it done.”

—Charlie Gilkey, business strategist and founder of Productive Flourishing

Wealth of insights…

“Janet provides motivation and a wealth of insights to inspire great ideas, and she drills down to help make them bulletproof.”

—Keith Yamashita, cofounder and Chairman of Stone Yamashita Partners and coauthor of Unstuck: A Tool for Yourself, Your Team and Your World

“Wicked” smart…

“Janet was exceptional. We specifically sought out Janet as she had extensive experience in the publishing industry with a unique consultative approach that was ideal for our needs. Our company will soon launch an innovative mental health and wellness online resource and in the early stages of development we needed to acquire relevant content. Janet provided invaluable guidance and expertise which resulted in the acquisition of licensing rights to certain titles from HarperCollins and New Harbinger Publications. She is ‚Äòwicked’ smart, incredibly focused and driven to produce desired client outcomes.”

—Scott Cousino, CEO of myStrength


“Janet helped the story find its way through the woods.”

—Barbara Kingsolver, in the acknowledgments for Pigs in Heaven

Insider perspective…

“Publishing Reset is a required first step to thrive in today’s publishing world. It gives you the insider perspective and hands-on direction you need to hone your concept, pitch your work, choose your publishing pathway. Bravo!”

—Susan Page, repeat Oprah guest, past chapter president the National Speakers Association, and author of The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book

Best info…

“Publishing Reset is the best info out there everybody!”

—Jennifer Louden, “The Comfort Queen” and national best-selling author, speaker, and coach

Gold standard…

“Janet is the best editor I ever worked with. I learned so much so much from her working on my first book and I still remember the fun we had and our brainstorming a new organization for the manuscript. In the years since its publication, it has been called ‘the gold standard’ in the field.”

—Wendy Maltz, MSW, author of The Sexual Healing Journey

Foundation of strength and encouragement…

“My book would not have been written without Janet. She was my bedrock foundation of strength and encouragement. Her editing and labors were crucial in creating the book I wanted to write. She was invaluable to this project and in the process, I found a close friend. I already recommend Janet to every writer I know and plan on working with her for the remainder of my career.”

—Todd Kashdan, associate professor George Mason University, author of Curious? Discovering the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life

Janet was instrumental…

“Janet was instrumental in helping me reach for a bigger idea than I had previously imagined. She encouraged me to marry in a holistic way who I am and what I’ve accomplished with where I wished to go, rather than starting from scratch-a very powerful and motivating shift for me. Thank you, Janet!”

—Kathy Caprino, coach, career transition consultant, and author of Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Women’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose

Real story…

“Janet-I remember the very moment the concept for my new book was born-in your office! You sensed immediately where the real story was, and how to go about it.”

—Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author of The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance

Profoundly helpful…

“It’s difficult to describe how profoundly helpful Janet Goldstein is. She’s direct, constructive, creative and a fantastic listener. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about leaving the rejection cycle behind and who wants to build a strong constituency for their work. Janet: Thanks so much for a revolutionary process-challenging, helpful and life-changing.”

—Jean Baur, award-winning short-story writer, consultant at Lee Hecht Harrison, and author of Eliminated! Now What? Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience